How To Earn Money Online As A Student

In today’s economy, it has become essential for everyone, especially students, to earn some money. Sometimes it’s to cover their going out expenses, and other times it’s for the tuition and life. Either way, we know you need money!

We have got you covered. Today, students have countless opportunities to get a job and earn for themselves. It might seem hard but trust us! It’s easy.

You’re here, so we’ll assume that you’re a student. Today the internet has made it easier for everyone to look for a good-paying job. And most of the time, the jobs listed for students don’t even require them to learn any extra skills. In fact, the skills they already have come in handy!

Here are a few suggestions to make that student life, all the more comfortable without taking too much of your time away from studying and fun activities.

#6 Reviewing websites and apps.

Most people don’t even know that this is a job! Well, surprise, now you do. And we’ll tell you how you can get started with it.

It’s common among students to use the web a lot. What if we tell you that this is your required skill to earn money?

So, you can get paid for browsing websites! That’s not just easy money but, in fact, a fun job as well. And many platforms will pay you to do this.

One such company is, where you can find jobs that’ll pay you for browsing through websites, checking apps, and then reviewing them.

In short, you’ll be working as a testing agent who checks newly launched websites or apps and provides a review about any issues there might be.

You can get paid as high as $10 per test, which means that you’re earning $10 in just 20 minutes.

That’s a pretty decent right?

#5 Become an Online Tutor.

If you’re a student, we believe you must also can share the knowledge you have! Now the thing is, not many people know about all those online teaching platforms that can help them earn some good money.

First, if you know English! You’re already halfway through the process.

There are some amazingly valuable online platforms that offer hourly or per-lesson rates to English language teachers.

For instance, we know a site that’s not only authentic but also popular among English teachers and learners.

We’re talking about NativeCamp! The Japanese platform provides both the learners and teachers with a place where they can practice speaking English.

The platform only requires you to be 18 years or older, have a stable internet connection, and be fluent in speaking English!

And most importantly, you can earn anywhere between $2 and $18 per lesson depending on how much you’ve set the price for it.

Apart from NativeCamp, there are several other platforms where you can teach different subjects and earn some extra bucks. For example, and

#4 Online Store.

Today the internet is like a whole marketplace, and yes, you, even as a student, can set up a store.

It’s not necessary for you to create a store for expensive stuff because that’ll require too much investment, and this type of work has a high-risk rate!

We suggest you start a reselling store! Students can sell their old or unwanted stuff that’s in good condition on Facebook or eBay.

But that’s not all! If you’ve got some talent, such as painting, sewing, or anything like that, you can even sell your handmade products at reasonable rates online.

On average, an online store can make you around 20 to 100 dollars a day. But it totally depends on how good your product is and what your price range is.

#3 Blogging.

Blogging is probably the most well-known way to earn money among students. It allows you to talk about your favorite subject, say it be games, travel, or food, and can make you good money!

Once you have created some authentic content in a niche you are passionate about and published it on your online blog, you can apply for advertisement income such as Google AdSense. This can bring a substantial amount of passive income in for you, once it is all set up.

When the blog gets proper traffic, there are several ways to monetize it. All you need to do is share blogs that matter and ones that people like to read.

Most importantly, it’s easy to maintain and run a blog even as a student when those assignments and exams are lingering over your head.

We suggest you get the blog registered with a reputable hosting company such as or because that’ll make it even easier to monetize and manage it.

#2 Sell Your Course Notes.

We know that some students don’t like sharing their notes, but what about your previous ones that you won’t be using anymore? Why not sell them and earn some good money for them?

Sites like and offer a place where you can easily list your notes for sale. In fact, these sites even allow you to upload hand-written notes, but we suggest you share the typed ones as they sell for more money.

The platforms will keep a small cut on each sale, but other than that, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash!

You can sell your notes for reasonable prices ranging from $10 to $200. Sometimes, even more than that, if the notes you’re uploading are in demand.

#1 Photography.

It requires a bit of creativity, but this hobby will pay you well! That’s a promise.

At times you won’t even need a DSLR to capture good photos because it’s more about your creative side.

So, you can upload photographs to stock image websites like Unsplash, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock.

Here’s a tip, though! Search for pictures with less competition and good demand by looking up several keywords. The search results that come up with very few pictures are what you need to photograph.

You can sell each picture for at least $1 every time someone buys them. But this is only for royalty-free images. If your photographs have extended licenses, then you can sell them at a price as high as $500.

In short, earning online money is easy for students because today, there are so many options. All they need to do is do some research, find out which kind of work suits your needs the most, and go for it! Best of luck. Do come back and let us know how you got on.



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