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Personal finance podcasts are online talk shows like radio shows that help people make better financial decisions like investing their money or paying off debt. Consult a financial expert. Therefore, listeners have access to a wide variety of financial podcast options. The iTunes store and the Apple Podcasts app are two online resources from which you can access these podcasts.

Boost Your Financial Knowledge – Discover the Best Podcasts for Personal Finance Tips:

What kinds of podcasts about finance are there?

Money management is the focus of all financial podcasts, but the topics covered vary widely. Others are generalist shows that each episode focuses on one of these subjects.

Most of the time, a podcast uses one of several different formats. These include narrative podcasts in which the host instructs listeners, guest-focused podcasts in which the host speaks with a different guest each week to share their knowledge and experiences related to the topic of the week, or a combination of the two formats.

What makes a good podcast about finance?

A good financial podcast knows its audience and caters to their needs. The best financial podcasts are produced to a high standard, feature information from a variety of experts rather than a single host and offer important and useful information to assist listeners in better comprehending their finances.

When are podcasts about finance useful?

When they help listeners make better personal financial decisions or give your audience new insights, finance podcasts are useful. Therefore, the answer to the question of when listeners can benefit from these podcasts depends on their specific requirements. There are a lot of financial podcasts that aren’t very well known to the public but can be very helpful to those who have listened to them. There is always a lot to learn about personal finance. Regardless of the size of your audience, a podcast can assist you on that journey.

How do you start a podcast about money?

Make sure you have the knowledge you need to start a financial podcast, or that you can master it with the help of an expert guest list who can help your audience, or if you need insightful guests to help future listeners on every topic.

Then, make sure you have the right tools to make high-quality podcast recordings. You will require recording software, a microphone (traditional microphone, headphones, or computer microphone with built-in microphone), and a dependable computer with Internet access at the very least. It’s time to start learning how to record and publish your podcast now that you have your podcasting setup in place.

Here are eight personal finance podcasts to consider if you want to make your first budget, control your debt, save for retirement, or buy a house.

1. Dave Ramsey Live:

Dave Ramsey answers call about how to get out of debt and start building your future and offers advice on life and money. He simplifies personal finance and money management and offers tips on how to turn things around. His objective is to offer a plan that can be implemented by anyone.

2. Podcast by Clark Howard:

Clark Howard is a host of a radio talk show that is syndicated nationally as well as a consumer news reporter for television. He gives listeners advice on how to save money, what to buy, and how to become financially independent. By providing economic news and deals, our objective is to assist individuals in managing their finances. He gives listeners practical advice on how to save money and “avoid scams” to assist them in achieving their financial objectives and maintaining a healthy financial situation.

3. Money and Women:

Suze Oman, who has been in the business for more than four decades, teaches listeners that money cannot solve financial issues. She tells people who are listening to step inside themselves and give them control over their futures.

4. BiggerPockets:

Scott Trench and financial expert Mindy Jensen talk to thought leaders about how to earn more, keep more, spend less, and increase wealth. BiggerPockets Money offers listeners practical guidance on how to fix their “financial home” through these conversations.

5. Afford Anything:

Paula Punt, the host, conducts interviews with entrepreneurs, early retirees, billionaires, investors, and others to investigate the laborious process of maintaining a balanced life. She instructs listeners on how to use their money, time, energy, focus, and attention wisely every day. You can Afford Anything, but not everything, after all.

6. About Wealth:

Wealth managers and financial planners Brian Preston and Bo Hanson explore practical personal finance topics like how to “validate” your finances and help listeners make smart financial decisions.

7. OLD:

By narrating some of the best personal finance blogs and providing listeners with suggestions for optimizing their financial lives, hosts Diania Merriam and Dan Weinberg simplify how people handle and manage their money. The fundamentals of financial education, such as budgeting, investing, and achieving financial independence, will be covered, and listeners will begin to comprehend financial issues.

8. Planet Money:

The personal finance and economics podcast Planet Money airs twice weekly on NPR. As a means of explaining the economy, the show was launched in 2008 by a national radio network immediately following the financial crisis. The creators of the show come up with inventive ways to break down complicated financial and economic issues. Amanda Aronchik, Mary Childs, Jacob Goldstein, and Robert Smith are the hosts.



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